Import Macro

The import macro allows you to import data from another spreadsheet. This is most useful for bringing data entered in a previous version of the Golf Stats Tracker up to the latest version.

  1. In the same Excel window open two files, the file with the data already entered and a blank sheet with no rounds or courses entered.
  2. With the bank spreadsheet active, Push Ctrl+Shift+I to run the macro. Score, putt, drive length, and sand save data from all rounds and course rating, slope, hole handicap, yardage and par data from all courses are automatically copied and pasted into the new spreadsheet.
  3. Save the new spreadsheet.

Note: Any changes to cells with calculations are not copied. In some cases you may change these, such as a change to a GIR when putting off the green. If you made any changes like this you need to enter them again by hand in the new spreadsheet.

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