Templates Sheet

Templates Sheet

This sheet contains blank entries for rounds and courses. There's no need to make changes to this sheet. The macros automatically copy blank rounds from here. If you do not want to enable macros you need to manually copy and paste as described below.

Manual Copy and Paste

  1. Go to the templates sheet. Here there is a blank round entry and a blank course entry.
  2. Select the entire area that is boxed off for either the blank round or blank course.
  3. Switch to either the courses or scores sheet.
  4. Select the cell in the first column leaving one row blank after the last entry. If this is the first entry, use row two. It is important that the spacing remains the same so that the spreadsheet adds up the data from each round correctly.
  5. Paste the blank entry in.


The version of the spreadsheet (listed as a date) is also on this sheet to the right of the templates.

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