BrianZ's Scanner Page

Welcome to my scanner page. This is a small page about scanning in the Central Wisconsin area. Below is a link to an excel spreadsheet I used for programming my scanner. This spreadsheet includes frequencies for police, fire, local government, ham, business, air, military, rail and more.

Central Wisconsin Scanning Spreadsheet

I have also created some maps for the Wisconsin/Central Wisconsin area for ACARS and APRS tracking. The coordinates for each map are included in a text file. You can use them with the decoding software of your choice.

Wisconsin Area Maps

If you have any information to add or any questions or comments feel free to contact me.


Here are some free programs I have successfully used for decoding:

APRS: AGWPE and UI-View.

Most of the information that I didn't already know was compiled from the websites below. Check them out for more specific information on your area.

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