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Crystal Lake Hole Descriptions

All yardages listed here are from the tournament tees and include the yardage with the dogleg. The game tends to only see how long a hole is in a straight line from tee box to green and therefore does not provide an accurate measurement of a hole like the architect does.

Hole 1
Par 4
363 yards
A dogleg left over water to start. Cut off too much of the corner and you will be wet. If you stay in the fairway with your drive, you'll have a shot at birdie.
Hole 2
Par 4
405 yards
Fairway bends along the water about 240 yards out. The fairway ends about 280 yards out. With a good drive you are left with a 150 yard approach over water up to a fairly large green.
Hole 3
Par 5
551 yards
It is 270 yards to carry the water off the tee and is reachable in 2 if successful. If you must lay up short of the water it is about 200 yards off the tee and you are left with a difficult lay up shot as the hole doglegs to the left along the water.
Hole 4
Par 3
205 yards
Ball must carry 195 yards in the air in order to clear the water. The right side of the green is deeper than the left for landing the ball. In my opinion this is one of the most difficult holes on the course.
Hole 5
Par 4
361 yards
You can lay up to the corner about 230 yards off the tee or you can try to cut some of it off but be careful. If you go though the corner your only option will likely be to chip out back to the fairway. The second shot from the fairway is fairly easy from about 130 yards out. Go over this green though and you're wet so chose your club wisely.
Hole 6
Par 4
441 yards
Slight dogleg to the left on this hole. Your tee shot will be up hill. Your approach shot will be back downhill. Water is again just over the back of this green so choose your club wisely.
Hole 7
Par 3
156 yards
Short par 3 but with water right and long it isn't necessarily easy. Front right pin placements allow for a birdie opportunity.
Hole 8
Par 4
415 yards
This slight dogleg right has a difficult tee shot as you must clear the bunker to find the fairway but you don't want to go over the fairway or you will find water. From a good drive you'll be 160-170 yards out. You must clear the water with your second. Miss the fairway with your drive and you'll likely have to lay up short of the water.
Hole 9
Par 5
498 yards
Nothing more than 230 yards is needed off the tee on this dogleg right although the fairway goes deep enough for a 275 yard drive. From here you will have about a 250 yard shot to a large two tiered green which is elevated about 15 ft. above you. Short is wet however so you may wish to lay up to the second fairway which is anywhere from 140-200 yards out, depending on how long and what angle you want your third shot to be at.
Hole 10
Par 4
472 yards
Longest Par 4 on the course. The drive is fairly easy but the second shot will be about 200 yards and have to cross some water if it is going to find the green.
Hole 11
Par 4
363 yards
The fairway narrows about 210 yards off the tee on this dogleg right. A drive that finds the fairway will leave a short approach shot of around 100 yards for a good birdie opportunity.
Hole 12
Par 4
371 yards
Another dogleg right which if you find the fairway will leave you another birdie opportunity. If you're brave off the tee you can go for the green in 1 by fading your drive around the trees by the tee box over the water and onto the green. This is a very low percentage shot though.
Hole 13
Par 3
154 yards
Another short par 3 but not an easy par 3, especially if there is a left side pin placement. The center of this green drops down giving the effect of 3 tiers to the green. The left side of the green is not very deep making it a tough birdie hole. A pin on the back right of this green will provide a better birdie opportunity.
Hole 14
Par 5
644 yards
Longest hole on the course and no way anyone can reach it in 2. Keep the ball in the fairway on your first 2 shots and you will be left with around a 150 yard shot uphill to a two tiered green. Watch out for the water right of the green as well.
Hole 15
Par 4
420 yards
This dogleg left is a narrow hole for driving off the tee. If you find the fairway you will be left with an uphill approach from about 150 yards out to a green that is difficult to hold your ball on. This hole is one of the toughest holes on the course in my opinion even though water never comes into play.
Hole 16
Par 4
392 yards
Water is to the left of the landing area in the fairway on this dogleg left. Stay out of the water and you'll be left with about a 110 yard shot over that water to the green.
Hole 17
Par 4
271 yards
You can risk it and go for the green in 1 on this hole but you must carry the ball 250 yards in the air to have any chance of being dry. Add to that the fact that the hole bends slightly left and you've got a really tough shot to pull off. If you chose to lay up it is just 180 yards off the tee and about 80 yard for you second shot.
Hole 18
Par 5
519 yards
Water is on the right all along this hole. A bunker narrows the fairway about 255 yards off the tee and stretches to 310 yards from the tee. If you drive it far enough into this narrow part of the fairway you can reach this two tiered green in 2. The green is raised about 15 ft. above the fairway. If you can't reach it in two, you will have to lay up short of the water about 100 yards from the green.

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