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November 14, 2017

After almost 3 years of work and more than a year after reaching feature complete due to crashing issues online, Bull's Eye Country Club; Tri-City Golf Course is finally released for WGC. This is a 27 hole course. Bull's Eye is the first 18 and Tri-City is the last 9. Hopefully the issues are straightened out but if consistent crashing or the player locking occurs for you please e-mail me.

News Archive

Nov 10 13 I added a page for Martindale Country Club to my completed courses section. This course was done for the P3ProSwing golf simulator using the WGC 2011 software. The page contains screenshots and information about it however downloads are only available through P3.
Feb 04 13 I have released The Ridges Golf Course for WGC 2011. This is my first WGC 2011 course. It is in part a conversion of the PGA 2000 version, using the original elevations from it.
Feb 25 12 My community site, Golf Sim Clubhouse, now has a new section for World Golf Challenge 2011 (formerly CustomPlay Golf). The site is hosting all courses and utilities created by the WGC 2011 community and a new section has been added to the forum for discussion of this game. The current PGA 2000 side of the site remains unchanged.
Dec 27 11 I have released Peninsula State Park Golf Course. This is my final course for PGA 2000. I've also added the Peninsula State Park custom art to the Custom Art section.
Dec 14 10 I've launched a new website called Golf Sim Clubhouse. The new site is for all content created by the community and includes a forum for discussion of golf sims. The site currently hosts all courses, libraries and utilities for PGA 2000 and will expand to other games in the future. This site (BrianZ's Golf Course Design Resource) will continue to host my personal work. The forum on this site has been removed so please head over to the new site if you wish to discuss golf design.
Aug 03 10 The second collaboration course is completed. The course is called Mill Creek Golf Club and is availabe for download. Thanks again to all who participated.
Jul 10 09 The Kapalua Collaboration Course is completed. The course is now called Mai Nui 'ekahi and is availabe for download. Thanks to all who participated.
Feb 22 09 Pagoda Country Club has been released for PGA 2000. The Pagoda library has also been added to the Custom Art section.
Dec 07 08 The Kapalua Collaboration Course for PGA 2000 has been added to the design contest section of the website. The pages for this project will be updated as holes are completed.
Jun 07 08 I updated the terrain and imagery tutorial. I've rewritten most of it, including a new overview section on the basics of DEMs and imagery. Hopefully you'll find it simpler and easier to follow now. I've also added a new section for using them with CPG.
May 31 08 I've completely redesigned the site and moved it to a new host and address. Please update your bookmarks and links. I hope you like the changes. In addition to the new look, I've added a discussion forum you can sign up for to talk with others and comment on pages. I also went through the content on all of the pages and updated them as needed.
Jan 29 08 Updated the new score graphic for PGA 2000 to include another file. This fixes the issue of still getting part of the old graphic in skins play.
Jan 17 08 After two years of work The Ridges Golf Course is finally released along with a page for all of the new custom art created for it. A page was also added to the tutorials section about library properties used in The Ridges libraries.
Oct 11 07 Added new score graphic for PGA 2000. Moved PGA 2000 flags to graphics section.
Sep 19 07 Not sim golf news but I added a spreadsheet used for tracking golf stats.
May 31 07 Added Microsoft Virtual Earth to the imagery and terrain data tutorial.
May 24 07 Added new tutorial for working with imagery and terrain data in Terrain Assist and Ghost It. This is used in starting work on real courses for PGA2000.
Mar 28 07 Added new 2D Custom Object Tutorial for both Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Also made some major changes to the links page.
Aug 25 05 Bull's Eye Country Club and version 2 of Tri-City Golf Course are finished and have been released. The Bull's Eye library has been added to the Custom Art section. I've also made a few changes to some of the links that needed updating throughout the site.
Apr 17 05 Site has reopened after major reconstruction.
Dec 29 04 Wisconsin River Golf Club released.
Oct 26 03 Added links page.
Jan 13 03 Website opened.

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