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Peninsula State Park Golf Course

Peninsula State Park From the 12th Green Looking Down to the 17th Green and Out Into Green Bay



Peninsula State Park Golf Course (11.1 MB)

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Course Info

Peninsula State Park Golf Course is a real course located on the Door County peninsula of Wisconsin between Fish Creek and Ephraim. It is part of Peninsula State Park and owned by the Wisconsin DNR. In addition to great golf, it provides spectacular views of the waters of Green Bay.

Architects: W. R. Lovekin / E. Lawrence Packard
Year Built: 1921
Scorecard: Outside / Inside

Names, Descriptions and Pictures of the Real Holes


About This Rendition

Recommended normal course conditions –

Rough: Short
Wind: Gusty
Greens: Dry

The 17th green is on the edge of playable in very dry conditions. The slope is realistic and the real course does not normally play with greens this fast. If you are sensitive to this then don't play it on very dry conditions.

The professional tee is an alternate tournament tee to provide more variety. It plays from alternate tee boxes on holes where there is more than one tee box used for the blue tee and from different parts of the tee box where there is only one. Since there is only one blue tee there are not marker objects on the course for this alternate professional tee.

You may need to adjust your view to see the green on some holes due to the elevation changes. To see the 8th green you need to tilt the view down and/or raise the camera. The default 4 key view works well for this. Do not go for the green on the other side of the road. This is the first green and is out of bounds. On the real course some people who never played there before do this. You also may need to tilt the camera up and/or raise it to see the green on your approach to the 10th hole depending on how close you are to the green. The default 4 and 5 keys may help here or you may want to customize the view.

About the Project

Starting Date: 7/19/07
Ending Date: 12/27/11

I played the course while on vacation in 2000, 2007, and 2009-2011. This project began when I returned home in July 2007 excited about the experience playing there. As usual, for greatest accuracy, I used satellite photos for the layout and USGS topo data for the general elevations. The green contours were done by memory over the period of about a week in July 2007. A few tweaks were made to them in December 2011 but not much. The project was then on hold indefinitely as I was still working on The Ridges at the time and Pagoda was also started before this. Once The Ridges and Pagoda were finished I picked this up again. Around the spring of 2009 I began work on it again with overall foresting, laying down and flattening roads/the clubhouse area, putting in houses, creating the textures and finishing out the planting and cart paths for holes 1, 2, 8, and 9. Around the fall of 2009 I experienced some designer burn out and didn't work on any course designing as other things interested me more. When I was at the course in the summer of 2010 and 2011 I took pictures to use for when I started working on it again. I took many shots of Ephraim and Green Bay to use for piecing together a better panorama then what I started before. I also took shots of some of the signs around the clubhouse, the totem pole between holes 1 and 9, and a building with a sign on it that says "Butler Cabin". I was going to start working on it again in 2011 however my free time was now more limited after getting a new job. After returning from vacation in August 2011 I briefly regained some enthusiasm for it and worked on it for a few days getting all of the bunker elevations finished. I then put it aside again for a few months as I didn't have time to work on it due to my job and wanting to spend most of my free time playing real golf.

Two Weeks in December

In December 2011 I finally decided that now was the time to get it done. The real golf season was over so I had more time to work on it. I figured I was about half done and even though I don't play PGA 2000 much anymore (I play Custom Play Golf/World Golf Challenge more now) I didn't want all that work to go to waste. I decided to challenge myself to get it done in 2 weeks, the day before Christmas Eve. I pretty much spent every free hour I had from December 11 to the end working on it. During the first week I made the dry rough textures and placed them on the front 9, placed pine needle textures and finished out the planting on the front 9. The weekend of the 17th and 18th was spent putting the panorama together from the pictures I took. The second week was spent on the back 9: flattening cart paths, finishing planting and placing dry rough and pine needle blends. I didn't quite make my goal of finishing in 2 weeks but I was close. The time just before and after Christmas was spent creating and placing the new objects from the pictures I took, creating new sounds and adding sounds to the course, adding random bumps/waves to the fairways to make them look more natural, and optimizing. Finally I wrote this text file. I'm probably forgetting some things too. I'm amazed at how much I did in the last 16 days. In retrospect I think I was only about a third done with it when I started in December.


I previously released the Peninsula State Park library because I didn't know if or when I was going to finish the course and I wanted the library available for others to use. I did not want to cause any problems with courses that used the library since then so I did not make any changes to it. All off the new things I added are in a new library called PSPGC. All of the objects were from pictures I took there in 2010 and 2011. The bell sound came from the middle bell in this YouTube video. I brought it into Audacity and added some GVerb to make the ring last longer. The Turkey sound came from this website with free audio files.

The splash screen is from the score card picture, a picture taken from the 12th green looking down to the 17th green and out into Green Bay. The music is from the game "Pebble Beach Golf Links" for SNES.

This is probably my last complete course for PGA 2000 as in the future I plan to design more for Custom Play Golf/World Golf Challenge. I still may do some plots for other designers or design single holes for contests in the future if those opportunities arise.

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