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Bull's Eye Custom Art


Individual Files

Thumbnail Previews

Bull's Eye Textures


Rock Wall First Cut Rough Weeds Blend RW Blend 2 RW Blend 3 Underbrush Weeds Blend UW Blend 2
UW Blend 3 Bunker Lip Bunker Lip Blend 1 BL Blend 2 BL Blend 3 Granite Gravel Rough Weeds Dry Blend
RWD Blend 2 Grass Seed Dry Fairway Blend DF Blend 2 DF Blend 3 Dry Rough Blend DR Blend 2
DR Blend 3 DR Blend 4  

Bull's Eye 2D Objects and Pano

2D Objects

Red Pine Red Cedar Bush 150 Yard Pole Range Ball


The sky is from the Gloucester Pano. Walkinman's Pano Tutorial was a great help in converting it to image files. The trees were added by taking screen shots of the trees in the game.

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