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Peninsula State Park Custom Art


Individual Files

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Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park Textures


Bay Water Fairway* Rough* Fringe* Green* Bunker* Tee*
Bunker Sand Edge Rough High Contrast 1 Rough High Contrast 2 Bunker Lip* Pine Needles Pine Needles 75 Pine Needles 50
Pine Needles 25  

Peninsula State Park 2D Objects and Pano

2D Objects

Original Totem Pole. See PSPGC library for final object.


Original unfinished panorama. See PSPGC library for final panorama.

*Modified From El Cortante (CPG Course by Jörgen Ekroth)


PSPGC Textures and 2D Objects


Rough Dry 25 Rough Dry 50 Rough Dry 75 Pine 25 Rough Dry 50 Tee Mat

2D Objects

Butler Cabin Totem Pole Eastern Red Cedar Sign Front Sign Rules Sign Sail Boat Turkey
Eastern Red Cedar Eastern Red Cedar  

PSPGC Sounds and Pano


Bell Turkey Gobble


Final panorama used on the course.

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