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The Ridges Custom Art


Individual Files

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The Ridges

The Ridges Textures


Concrete Fairway* Rough* Green* Fringe* Bunker* Driving Range Mat
Tee* Rough High Contrast 2 Rough High Contrast 1 Bunker Lip* Bunker Sand Edge Sand Path* Concrete Edge
Fairway Rough 25 Fairway Rough 50 Fairway Rough 75 Fringe Fairway 25 Fringe Fairway 50 Fringe Fairway 75 Green Fringe 25
Green Fringe 50 Green Fringe 75  

The Ridges 2D Objects

2D Objects

Tilted Jack Pine Jack Pine Jack Pine Pair Jack Pine White Pine Jack Pine Jack Pine Jack Pine
White Pine Large Jack Pine Red Pine White Pine Red Pine White Pine Weeping Willow** Redcedar
Redcedar White Pine OB End Pole Large Red Pine Red Pine Pair Red Pine Red Pine Red Pine
Redcedar Blue Spruce Large Jack Pine White Pine White Pine White Pine Small Jack Pine Small Red Pine
Small White Pine Small White Pine Telephone Pole 100 Yard Sign 150 Yard Sign 200 Yard Sign 250 Yard Sign 300 Yard Sign

The Ridges Sounds and Pano




The sky is from the Gloucester Pano. The trees were added by taking screen shots of the trees in the game.

*Modified From El Cortante (CPG Course by Jörgen Ekroth)
**Originally from Spirit Lake Mirage Library


RidgesRoughBlends Textures


Rough Hard Ground Rough Dry 05 Rough Dry 10 Rough Dry 15 Rough Dry 20 Rough Dry 25 Rough Dry 30
Rough Dry 35 Rough Dry 40 Rough Dry 45 Rough Dry 50 Rough Dry 55 Rough Dry 60 Rough Dry 65
Rough Dry 70 Rough Dry 75 Rough Dry 80 Rough Dry 85 Rough Dry 90 Rough Dry 95 Rough Dry 100
Fairway Dry 1 Fairway Dry 2 Fairway Dry 3  


Ridges Water Blends Textures


Water 000 Water 010 Water 020 Water 030 Water 040 Water 050 Water 060
Water 070 Water 080 Water 090 Water 100 Water 110 Water 120 Water 130
Water 140 Water 150 Water 160 Water 170 Water 180 Water 190 Water 200


RidgesMisc Textures


Gravel Gravel Rough 75 Gravel Rough 50 Gravel Rough 25 Asphalt Edge Sand Dry Rough 25 Sand Dry Rough 50
Sand Dry Rough 75 Sprinkler Fairway 1 Sprinkler Fairway 2 100 Yard Fairway 1 100 Yard Fairway 2 150 Yard Fairway 1 150 Yard Fairway 2
200 Yard Fairway 1 200 Yard Fairway 2 Pine Needles Pine Needles 75 Pine Needles 50 Pine Needles 25 Shingles Horizontal
Shingles Vertical  

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