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Wisconsin River Custom Art


Individual Files

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Wisconsin River Textures


Brush 200 Yard Marker Algae (Not Available) Lily Pads Duckweed Rough Granite Gravel
Bunker* Weeds* Bunker Lip* Mud Tee* Bunker Raked* Asphalt
Asphalt Sealed Paint Paint (duplicate) Fairway* Green* Fringe* Rocks
100 Yard Marker Sprinkler Head 150 Yard Marker

Wisconsin River 2D Objects and Sounds

2D Objects

White Pine White Pine Seedling Small White Pine Dead Wood Dead Brush Pine Branch Dead Pine Branch Pine Branch Flipped
Dead Pine Branch Flipped Flipped White Pine** Gold Tee* Red Tee* Fountain*** (Not Available) Coke Machine Porta Potty  


Hunter 1 Gunshot Hunter 2 Gunshots Hunter 3 Gunshots Dog Barking Crickets Boat and Waves Cardinal 1 Cardinal 2
Crow Blue Jay Purple Finch Goldfinch Mourning Dove Robin Bluebird Train

*Modified From Woodford Park Library
**Modified From August Library
***From Fountains Library

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