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Creating the DXF Mesh with AccuTrans 3D

AccuTrans 3D is used to create the DXF mesh from the files saved in 3DEM. Before you begin visit the AccuTrans 3D website to download and install it.

3DEM saves a *.txt and *.hdr file with the name you gave it. If you can't see extensions–

  1. Open any folder in windows
  2. Go to Tools > Folder Options.
  3. Click on the View Tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types".

Now find the folder where you saved the files from 3DEM.

  1. Open the *.hdr file in notepad. Open any folder in windows.
  2. Find the line that says "number_of_columns" and make a note of the number.
    *.hdr File in Notpad
  3. Close Notepad.
  4. Open AccuTrans 3D.
  5. Go to File > Open DEM As > ASCII to DEM (*.txt)
  6. Find the *.txt file saved from 3DEM and open it. A dialog box opens.
    AccuTrans 3D Open Dialog Box
  7. Verify SW corner and Row are selected.
  8. Under sample distance set X spacing and Y spacing to the resolution of your DEM in meters. For example if it is a 10 meter (1/3 arc second) DEM set the X and Y spacing to 10.
  9. Next to columns enter the number you wrote down from the *.hdr file.
  10. Click on the calculate rows button. This automatically calculates the number of rows based on the number of columns you enter.
  11. Click OK. The DEM opens with a color coded contour map.
  12. Go to Dem > Convert to 3D (less water).
  13. Keep the default values and select OK. A 3D view of the DEM is displayed. You can move it around by clicking the display and dragging it.
  14. Go to File > Save With Options.
    AccuTrans 3D Save With Options Dialog Box
  15. Under Save File Type chose DXF (*.dxf) and put a check in the check box to the left.
  16. Under Flags verify there is a check next to Point Cloud, Lines, and AutoCAD and Lightscape.
  17. Under Center Point put a check mark next to adjust and click the Calc button. This centers the mesh on your plot.
  18. Click on the DXF tab and verify Output As 3D Face is selected.
    AccuTrans 3D DXF Tab
  19. Click Save, give it a name, and save it.
  20. Close AccuTrans 3D.
The DXF file is now ready for import in CPG.

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