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Hole Sign Marker Templates

These are hole sign templates in both .psd and .psp format that load in both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.

I left my example of the 4th Hole from CC Park on the template.

With the PSP templates all text is in vector format so you can easily type each hole, yardage and other info. Unfortunately it seems you can't edit vector images created with PSP in Photoshop so if you're using Photoshop you have to delete the text and redo it.

If you're creating these for PGA 2000 you'll probably need to shrink them before you add them to your library because they become distorted in the game if they are too big.

View Samples: Granite / Wood

Download Templates


To import your own hole:

  1. Delete the example hole from the Hole Layer.
  2. Take a screenshot from the architect, select your hole with a freehand selection and paste it into the Hole Layer
  3. Rotate and resize it the way you want it.

When you import your own hole if you want to get the same effect I did in PSP go to Effects > Artistic Effects > Colored Edges and use the following settings:

To create the outline around it:

  1. Copy the image of your hole to the Hole Outline layer.
  2. Use the fill flood tool (paint bucket) and a tolerance of 200 to turn it all gray.
  3. Resize it to make it slightly bigger then the original. The transparency values are already set on that layer but you can play around and change them if you want.

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