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Flattening Tee Boxes

One of the things that can be a real pain is flattening your tee boxes. I have developed some steps I use when creating a tee box.

As an example we'll use the following tee box:

Unlevel Tee Box

This example has a 5 foot drop from the front left to the back right.

  1. Right click on your tee box and select use as a shape.
  2. Inflate the new shape by 1 foot.
  3. Duplicate that shape.
  4. Inflate the new shape by 9 feet. Do not move the shape before you inflate it. If you do it doesn't snap back around the original shape. If you are working with a really severe slope you may need to inflate the shape even more. If it's a real gentle slope you can go as low as 4 feet.
  5. Now duplicate that shape.
  6. Inflate that shape by 10 feet. Again if it is a really steep slope you're dealing with you'll need to go larger and if it's a gentle slope you can go as low as 5 feet. You will have something that looks like this now:

    Three Shapes Around Tee Box

  7. Select the middle shape and flatten it to maximum height. You flatten to minimum or average instead if you don't what your tee box to be as high.
  8. Select the outer shape and do a smooth on the middle point. (5 points to the right of the far left position)

    Smooth on the Middle Smooth Level

  9. Move your mouse around the edge of the tee box and check that the elevation reading in the bottom right corner stays the same. If not you'll need to make the shapes larger and try again. You may have to smooth out some small wrinkles yet too.
  10. Finally I like to raise the tee box a bit. Select the middle and inner shapes and raise the height 1.25 feet.
  11. Delete all three shapes.

The final results look something like this:

Final Results

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