Version History

May 19 13
  • Fixed a bug where dates from previous rounds always show as today's date. The problem was the formula for today's date was copied when creating a new round instead of the value. To fix this, the date formula was removed from the templates sheet and the new round macro now adds today's date as a value after the copy and paste. If you do a manual copy and paste the date is now blank.

May 14 13 Major update that affects most parts of the tracker. Below is a summary of the main feature changes.

Scores Sheet

  • Added a cell in the lower left (formally where handicap differential was) to keep track of penalty strokes in a round.
  • Handicap differentials for rounds are now shown in the upper right. Added actual and projected.
    • Actual is the differential used for the handicap. The letter "C" is displayed if it is a 9 hole round that is going to combine with a future 9 hole round.
    • Projected updates as you enter scores to show a projected differential if you continue to shoot at a similar level over 18 holes.
  • Empty cell added in heading next to round number for indicating if a round is a tournament score.
  • No longer need to delete holes not played in a round.
  • Approach Length line was removed from scores section. You now enter your drive distance directly into the drive length line. Approach length was only used to subtract from the length of the hole to calculate the length of your drive. Unless you hit it right down the middle this was never a particularly accurate way to calculate this. Using GPS or a laser measuring device is a far more accurate way to do this. If you still want to use the subtraction method you now need to do this by hand and enter the result.
  • Match play results automatically calculated for rounds played on the same date in linked spreadsheet.
  • New match line replaces the approach length line. This displays the progress of a match.
  • Match final result in header is now automatically calculated.
  • Added match play box for match play rounds. Includes handicap strokes given/received, start hole and opponent round number.
  • For match play you can color code hole numbers to show the holes the handicap comes into play.

Stats Sheet

  • Reorganized so that more similar stats are grouped together. The new groups are driving, approach, short game, putting, rounds, and scoring.
  • Enter dates to restrict the rounds included instead of using round numbers.

Handicap Sheet

A new handicap sheet was created for more detailed tracking of your handicap.

  • Overlapping handicap chart of the rounds that are part of your revision and trend handicaps.
  • Display of which rounds are actually used for the handicap formula.
  • Tournament record for your results in tournaments.
  • Handicap card format for printing your scores.
  • Handicap trend projection tool to project your handicap based on future scores or tell you the scores required to reach a handicap goal.
  • Average differential and average course rating/slope stats for the courses played.
  • Display of tournament calculations that determine if your tournament rounds reduce your handicap.

The handicap calculation is now 100% accurate according to USGA rules. Below is a list of changes made to make this happen.

  • Active Season was added. The spreadsheet only uses scores made in the time frame entered. For example in Wisconsin the active season is April through October so any scores outside of that time frame are not counted in the handicap calculation.
  • Tournament scores were added. This allows you to designate a round as a tournament score. If your tournament scores are a lot lower than your regular rounds your handicap is further reduced.
  • Revisions are now calculated. Your handicap for each round is now only recalculated on the 1st and 15th of the month. Previously the spreadsheet was updating your handicap after every round. That is known as a trend handicap and is still shown on the handicap sheet but not used in rounds.
  • Partial rounds are now handled correctly. An 18 hole round requires at least 13 holes played. A 9 hole round requires at least 7 holes from the same 9 played.

Match Sheet

  • Options to use handicaps or not in match play results and turn on handicap hole highlighting for the scores sheet.
  • Match play record and win percentage.
  • Total number of matches and holes played.
  • Margin of victory and length of holes matches go.
  • Holes won, lost, or halved.
  • Match handicap calculator tool to calculate strokes to give/receive an opponent ahead of a future match.

Compare Sheets

  • Received the same changes as the stats sheet.

Courses Sheet

  • Added ability to enter name of tee played from.
  • Changed the 9 hole course rating and slope calculation to take into account the difference in length between the two nines (Only used when there is no 9 hole ratings available for a course).

Templates Sheet

  • Updated with the new format and calculations in the scores and courses sheets.


  • Added a macro that allows you to easily convert the rounds from an older version of the spreadsheet to the new version. It automatically copies score, putt, drive length, and sand save data from every round into a new version spreadsheet.
  • In addition to comparing stats in different files, spreadsheet linking is now used for automatic calculation of match play results.
  • Excel 2007 or newer is now required. Some of the changes made required the elimination of support for Excel 2003.
  • Several bugs where found and fixed during development that I do not remember the details for.
Jan 11 12
  • Added a new stat to the stats sheet called Scrambling Conversion %. This is similar to Birdie Conversion % except that instead of measuring the birdie putts converted when hitting the green in regulation, this measures the par putts converted when missing the green in regulation. This is different from scrambling in that it doesn't count holes with no chance to save par with a putt which happens when you're still not on the green after one stroke over green in regulation.
  • The GIR displayed on the rounds sheet was changed in order to enable the new calculation. Previously it was a simple 1 or 0 for hit or not hit. Now it is the difference between how many strokes it took to hit the green and how many strokes a GIR is for the hole. 0 or less in now a GIR and more than 0 is a green missed. A value of 1 is where the new stat comes in, a green missed but with a putt to save par.
  • A gray background was added to the handicap differential on the rounds sheet. It was also shortened and shifted to the left to free up cells for the new calculation and also make room for future calculations. The order of some of the stats in the scrambling section of the stats sheet changed and shifted down to include the new stat. As a result of these changes follow the notes at the bottom of this page when copying rounds into the new version or comparing spreadsheets.
  • Fixed a bug in the ball striking stat. Previously any GIR hole with nothing entered in for fairways hit was counted successful. Now this is only the case for par threes where fairways hit are never entered. In figuring the percentage, the total attempts for this stat is now the total number of holes where something was recorded for fairways hit plus the total number of par threes played.
  • Fixed a bug in the compare files sheet where the hole difficulty stats were using the rounds set on the compare sheet instead of the stats sheet.
  • The printing margins were fixed so that when printing the stats sheet, all of the stats fit on one 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper.
  • Added a note to the documentation about directly adding drive length for a hole on the rounds sheet.
Aug 30 11
  • Bug fixed on January 17, 2011 was reappearing when saving the spreadsheet as a different file type such as *.xlsm. This is probably how it came about the first time. The problem is, in calculating the stats on the scores sheet, editing and reentering the criteria for database functions is needed for them to work even though no actual changes are made. It only occurred in stats where identical criteria were used in more than five consecutive columns. The solution this time was to rearrange the order of the stats calculated so that stats that use the same criteria do not occur more than five times consecutively. Still unsure of the exact reason for this problem, possibly a bug in how Excel handles things. Hopefully in this spreadsheet this bug is squashed for good now.
  • Updated the link in the documentation for the USGA Course Rating Database.
Mar 05 11
  • Fixed a bug in how albatrosses were calculated. Previously it was using DAVERAGE instead of DSUM to find the total number of albatrosses made.
  • Fixed a typo of the word score at cell Z18 of the scores sheet.
  • Updated the documentation for the compare files sheet to include instructions for opening the Edit Links Dialog Box in Excel 2007 and newer.
Jan 17 11
  • Fixed a bug where in new spreadsheets the stats in the scoring section did not display without reentering the criteria used to calculate these stats.
Aug 28 09
  • Fixed a bug where after 20 handicap rounds were entered (with two 9 hole rounds counting as one handicap round) your handicap was no longer calculated. A handicap is calculated using only the 20 most recent handicap rounds. Once the total reaches 20 the spreadsheet finds the row number for the 20th most recent handicap round so it knows where to start the calculation. It was instead returning the row number of the current round. This caused a number error because there were no rounds to use to calculate the handicap.
Jun 29 09
  • Fixed a bug where your best nine holes in relation to par displayed incorrectly if it was even par. For nine hole rounds, the spreadsheet skips the nine not played because the blank cell has a value of zero. However an even par round also comes back as a value of zero and was therefore also skipped. This was fixed by changing it to use the aggregate total of zero to determine if a given round was played. Aggregate low nine was already using this and not affected.
  • Nine hole scores are now used correctly in figuring your handicap. Previously they were counted as a full round just like 18 hole scores. They are now combined with other nine hole scores to form 18 hole scores before they are counted. Two nine hole rounds only count as one round now when figuring your handicap.
  • You are now able to enter course ratings and slopes for the individual nines of a course in addition to the full 18. The spreadsheet is set up to divide the 18 hole course rating by two and use the same slope. Overwrite these numbers if you have individual ratings for the nines. One place to look for these nine hole ratings is at the USGA Course Rating Database.
  • The handicap field is now automatically filled in when entering a new round. If there are fewer than five rounds counting towards your handicap (two nine hole rounds combine and count as one round) your handicap is the maximum of 36.4. After there are five rounds in, it calculates your handicap based on the previous rounds. This matches what is displayed in cell B3 on the stats sheet before you enter the round. After entering the round your handicap may change so they no longer match.
  • Added "Par or Better" stat to the stats, compare, and compare files sheets. This is similar to par breakers only it also includes pars.
Sep 24 07
  • Initial release.

To move existing rounds and courses from an older version use the import macro. Do not copy and paste an entire round or course as some of the calculations in the other cells may change in newer versions. The import macro only copies and pastes the cells where data is entered.

When comparing files, different versions are not necessarily compatible with each other. Use the import macro to bring old versions up to date.

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