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The Ridges Hole Descriptions

Hole 1
Par 4
426 yards
A straight hole of about 425 yards to start. Either carry or lay up short of the right bunker. Trees on the left and right may block the approach for tee shots that do not find the fairway. The green is fairly flat but surrounded by 5 bunkers.
Hole 2
Par 4
375 yards
A dogleg left with a bunker guarding the corner. Carry the bunker and leave only a wedge left or play safe and lay up but leave a longer shot. Beware of the water long on the approach.
Hole 3
Par 4
422 yards
A 420 yard dogleg left. Using the driver will require cutting the corner and carrying trees. The green slopes back to front with a plateau at the back. Over the green will make for a difficult recovery, especially if the pin is in the back.
Hole 4
Par 5
474 yards
A straight away par 5 of only 480 yards. A large bunker on the left protects the tee shot landing area leaving the options of laying up, carrying it or play out to the right side. A second smaller bunker on the right will catch long tee shots that try to avoid carrying the larger bunker. The green is surrounded by water so going for it in two is not recommended from the rough.
Hole 5
Par 3
205 yards
A 210 yard par 3 with bunker front left and water right and behind. Once these hazards are avoided the green only has a slight back to front tilt and offers a good chance for a one putt.
Hole 6
Par 4
291 yards
A reachable par 4 dogleg left that provides an opportunity for eagle. The eagle is well earned though as the tee shot to the green is blind and the green is guarded by water front and left. The non risk taker can lay up at the corner and have a good chance for birdie. The green is small and difficult to read break on.
Hole 7
Par 4
367 yards
A dogleg right that features a tee shot over trees. Anything in the right rough will leave a blocked approach shot. Left center of the fairway is ideal. The green falls off on the left and there is water right and long.
Hole 8
Par 3
166 yards
A mid length par 3 of about 175 yards. The green is raised from back to front so short siding will make for difficult uphill chips.
Hole 9
Par 5
495 yards
The home hole on the front 9 is a par 5 of about 500 yards. The fairway is narrow and difficult to find from the tee. Those going for the green in two beware of the hazards: the green is protected by water left and mounds right and long make for awkward chip shots.
Hole 10
Par 4
334 yards
The back 9 opens with a tricky short par 4. The green can be driven with a tee shot over the trees. If the ball hangs in the trees a bogey will likely follow. The lay up to the corner is about 200 yards. The green in protected by bunker left and water right.
Hole 11
Par 3
122 yards
The shortest hole on the course at 115 yards. The bunker short is dead, especially close to the 5 foot tall face supported by railroad ties. The green is sloped back to front making chip shots from behind difficult to stop near the hole.
Hole 12
Par 4
291 yards
A drivable par 4 of about 300 yards and downhill. Water front and left will make you think twice about attempting this. The lay up short of the water is about 200 yards. The green is small and protected by bunkers in front and back.
Hole 13
Par 5
507 yards
Longest par 5 at 510 yards. That doesn't sound like much but this green is not easily hit in two. Challenge the creek on the right for a view of the green. Playing safer, away from the water will make for a 3 shot hole as trees block the shot to the green. After the tee shot, the approach is about 10 feet uphill. The green is guarded on the right side by a large tree that will throw balls that hit it into the 5 foot deep ravine short of the green. The green itself plays smaller then it looks due to it falling off on all sides.
Hole 14
Par 4
361 yards
Known as "The Dolly Parton Hole" due to the large bunkers fronting the green. The bunkers however have recently been shrunk. The hole is a tough 90° dogleg right. Fit the tee shot in a window that will give a look at the green. The green is very wide so pin placement will decide where the tee shot should be placed. The green is about 20 feet above the fairway. The left half has a steep back to front slope.
Hole 15
Par 4
422 yards
A dogleg left with a bunker at the inside corner. The safe play is to go the long way with a 200+ yard approach shot by laying up to the right of the bunker. The risk taker can carry the bunker but it is a narrow landing area. If the ball doesn't stop, an approach shot from the trees will result. It is a two tiered green so find the right tier for a realistic shot at birdie.
Hole 16
Par 4
366 yards
Another dogleg left, this one shorter and a bit easier then the last however. Three large white pines guard the corner. Either lay up or carry past them for a clear approach shot. The green is small and undulating.
Hole 17
Par 3
194 yards
A 210 yard par 3 with a narrow green that places a premium on long iron accuracy. Balls missing will shoot off into the trees right or the bunker left. The bunker is about 15 feet below the green. The green has a steep slope from back to front.
Hole 18
Par 5
475 yards
The final hole is a short par 5 of only 475 yards. The tee shot plays uphill and the fairway meanders to the right at the top of the hill making it tricky to hit. Finding the fairway will leave only an iron left. The green is protected by a white pine on the left and water on the right.

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