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Library Properties

These are the properties used in the libraries I created for The Ridges. I've also added a description of the conditions I'm attempting to create. If a property is not listed then it was left on the default for that texture type.



Ball is able to bounce and roll in the bunker while at the same time can plug on a high shot if it lands in on the fly.

Restitution: 0.05
Spin Grip: 0.5
Terrain: 5
Surface: 0.25
Kinetic: 1
Rolling: 0.5


Ball skips 0-4 times, mainly dependent on how low the ball is hit.

Restitution: 0
Spin Grip: 1
Terrain: 120
Surface: 0.6
Kinetic: 0.75
Rolling: 10

For ball skip on only extremely low shots, such as punch shots, use the settings above and change the following:

Restitution: -0.2
Surface: 0.8


Ball can take several bounces but lower and with very little roll.

Restitution: 0.175
Spin Grip: 0.1
Terrain: 40
Surface: 0.05
Kinetic: 0.75
Rolling: 0.7

Light Rough Lie - Could cause a flier; little loss in carry and more roll due to less spin on the ball.

Velocity: 0.8
Spin: 0.25

Medium Rough Lie - Has less carry but more bounce and roll due to lower spin. If the shot is allowed to bounce and roll out it goes about as far as is normal for the club.

Velocity: 0.75
Spin: 0.175

Deep Rough Lie - Difficult to advance and stays low due to very little spin.

Velocity: 0.6
Spin: 0.1

Dry Rough

Higher bounces due to harder ground and more roll due to less grass.

Restitution: 0.3
Spin Grip: 0
Terrain: 90
Surface: 0.25
Kinetic: 0.75
Rolling: 0.2


Slightly faster greens for putting; normal is now halfway between default normal and dry. Slightly more spin grip so that green slope affects bounces a little more.

Spin Grip: 0.4
Rolling: 0.175



Ball ricochets off in a different direction without losing much speed.

Collision Type: Solid-Round-Verticle
Restitution: 40
Slip: 95


Ball generally holds its line but loses most of its speed.

Collision Type: Pass Thru-Flat
Restitution: 25
Slip: 30

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