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Act-Labs Force RS Drivers for Vista and Windows 7

The Act-Labs Force RS is still a great wheel but Act-Labs no longer sells it and only supports it with a few spare parts. The last official driver made was for Windows XP and does not work in Vista or Windows 7. Apparently the cost of having new drivers made for Vista and Windows 7 is too great. Fortunately there is a solution for Vista and Windows 7 users. The Act-Labs Force RS driver was either made by or based on a communication interface by Immersion Corporation. The Saitek R440, a racing wheel made by Saitek, uses the same or nearly the same interface and has Vista/Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit drivers. With a little bit of work the Saitek driver also works with the Force RS.

JeffInTheUSA Drivers

JeffInTheUSA figured all this out and created the files needed to make this work along with easy instructions to follow. The latest version is 1.5 and incorporates a fix by Blueshift that solves an issue recognizing some versions of the wheel, including mine. I tested it and it works with full force feedback in iRacing and GPL under Windows 7 64-bit for me. I'm also able to run the Performance Pedals as a separate USB device and the shifter connected to the wheel. I recommend following the instructions before trying this though as results vary.

GitHub - Click the ZIP button on the GitHub page to download all files in a file. Post any questions or problems there or by e-mailing Jeff using the address provided in the instructions.

KnightRacer1K Drivers

KnightRacer1K also created a set of drivers based on an earlier version of Jeff's drivers. Since Jeff's latest drivers work for me I have not tried these. Give these a try if you have trouble with Jeff's drivers.

32-bit Version | 64-bit Version

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