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Car Paint Schemes

Click on an image below to download the car. Unzip it to the /series/cup/cars folder of your installation.


NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

This is the car I ran in Thursday Nite Thunder from 2005 until 2008 when TNT made the switch to the COT mod. Thanks to Downforce137 for painting it.

#5 Schneider National Trucking Ford

This is the old car I painted myself. I still use it for pickup races and Boardracing.

#5 Schneider National Trucking Chevy

This is the car I ran in the ESCORS Weekly Racing Series.

#52 Unsponsored Chevy

NASCAR Racing 2002 Season

This was the car I painted and used as my Boardracing car for N2002.

#8 Snickers Ford

NASCAR Racing 4

These are some cars I painted for NASCAR 4.

#55 Barq's Root Beer Chevy

#38 Tostitos Ford

#99 Coca-Cola Pontiac

#5 Wisconsin Badgers Chevy

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