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BrianZ's Racing Simulations Resource


This is a list of my completed tracks. Choose a track to view the project details and download it.

Please link to these pages rather then directly to any files. If you want to host any of these files please contact me first. Also, if you have any problems or find any bugs not mentioned in the text file please contact me. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the tracks.


Track Date Type Sim
Sunshine Speedway 2/25/05 Real 1/4 Mile Short Track N2003
Golden Sands Speedway 1/28/04 Real 1/3 Mile Short Track N4, N2002, N2003, rFactor
Atlanta Motor Speedway - 1997 7/3/03 Real 1.522 Mile Speedway N2003
Thunder Road SpeedBowl 4/26/03 Real 1/4 Mile Short Track N2003
High Banked Michigan 8/6/02 Fictional 2 Mile Speedway N2002

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