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Track.ini Guide

This was originally created to help you change or improve your game play in existing N4/N2002/N2003 tracks however it can also be used as a guide to creating a track.ini for a new track. Not all items in the track.ini are covered here though.

To edit the track.ini open it with notepad or another text editor. The track.ini files are located at C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003\tracks and then in the folder of the track you want to edit. The path may differ though if you have installed to a different drive or directory. I recommend that you make a backup copy of the file until you are sure you want to keep the changes.

For the game, night and day at the same track is considered two separate tracks. If you want the change to affect both, you have to change both track.ini files.

If you can't find a line you want to edit in notepad I find it easiest to go to Edit>Find, then do a search for a unique word in the line. If you don't have the latest patch for your game then you may not have all of these lines.

In online multi-player racing most of your settings are changed to the hosts and then changed back after the race. If you host the race everyone's settings are changed to yours. For a few settings though, like the restrictor plate setting, it won't let you join the server unless your file matches the server's file.

The Car

Restrictor Plate Removal

Removing the restrictor plate allows you to go faster at Daytona, Daytona Night, and Talladega. With this line you can also try any other car chassis type at any track.

Roof Flaps Removal

Turning roof flaps off makes it easier to get airborne. This edit is not in the track.ini files like all the other edits here. For this one you have to edit the player.ini file. This is located at C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003\players or wherever you installed the game. From here you chose the folder for the player you want to change and open the player.ini.


There are several lines that effect tires. These are sensitive so for fine tuning I recommend only changing these + or - .02 at a time until you find what you like.

The Track/Race

Number of Laps

There are two lines to change for the number of laps at a track.

Speed Limits

There are two lines to change for speed limits at a track

Pit Box Location/Driving in the Infield

Changing where you appear on the track allows you to drive in places you couldn't because walls were in the way (infield or outside the track). There are three sections with lines for each stall in that section:

Each stall line is the order of the pit boxes/starting grid from first to last. The pit stall you start in for testing and practice in offline races is stall_0. The values of these stall lines work in the following way:

The AI

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is the cars controlled by the computer. If you have mods installed, such as the CTS or BGN mods, these values appear in the track.ini under a heading for each series.

Collision Detection

The game was originally made to not detect a lot of AI-to-AI contact, instead allowing AI cars to pass through each other. This is called morphing. When they get to far overlapped, they sometimes pop-up in the air and get stuck to each other. You can set it to detect all contact however this makes the AI cause too many crashes (about 1 a lap at some tracks).

AI Tires

These are similar to the lines that affect your own tires. Higher number = more grip/more wear.

AI Fuel Consumption/Pitting

Though you can't edit your own fuel consumption, you can edit the AI's.

AI Drag

Drag slows the AI cars down especially at larger tracks. Higher number = More drag

AI Qualifying

There is one line that affects how fast the AI qualify

AI to AI Distance

There are several lines that affect the distance AI cars stay from each other in races. All of these numbers are measured in average car lengths back.

43 Cars at All Tracks

Four tracks in N4/N2002/N2003 do not allow 43 cars at them: Bristol, Bristol Night, Dover, and Richmond. In real life all tracks run 43 cars and some teams have to share pit stalls. To fix this problem in the game you must change and add a few lines to the track.ini. For this adjustment at Bristol 42nd and 43rd share a pit stall and at both Dover and Richmond, 38th shares a pit stall with 41st, 39th shares a stall with 42nd, and 40th shares a stall with 43rd. Each one of the lines you add below must be on its own line. Note that the AI sharing pit stalls may occasionally cause "pop-up" type accidents on pit road, especially in practice sessions and warm-ups. I haven't had this problem in races very often though.






Three lines change normal wind conditions when realistic weather is used in the game.


This line changes the average temperature when realistic weather is used in the game.


This line changes the track altitude. A higher altitude makes the car go slower because the engine is running in thinner air.

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