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Atlanta Motor Speedway - 1997

Atlanta 1997 Turn 1







Track Info

This is my recreation of the old 1.522 mile configuration of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. The last race on the old configuration was held in the spring of 1997. More info about the track is available at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Website.



  1. Unzip to your tracks directory.
  2. Copy your atlanta.dat file into the new atlanta_1997 folder created by the zip file and rename it atlanta_1997.dat.
  3. (Optional) Unzip the graphics updates and AI updates (in order) to the atlanta_1997 folder, overwriting any previous files.

AI Updates

Update 1 (install first)

Thanks to Dave Boyle (Steam) for doing this AI update for Atlanta-1997. Included are 6 new lp files and an updated track.ini. This is compatible for online play with the non-updated version so no need to update if you don't run the AI. If the AI are used online, the files that the server has are used. This update also adds support for AI in the BGN and CTS mods. Thanks again to Steam and hopefully the AI are much better now.

Update 2 (install second)

Joe Wells recently redid 3 of the lp files and made some changes to the track.ini file to fix some of the wrecking. Hopefully there are no more AI problems now.

Graphics Update

Ironhardt created a graphics update to fix the word Atlanta on the wall in turn 4 and added some new billboards.

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