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Michigan - High Banked

Michigan - High Banked




Track Info

This is a fictional mod of Michigan I made by request for a member at the Sierra forum. It has about 38° of banking in the corners, 22° on the front straight and 10° on the back straight.


  1. Make a new folder in your tracks folder called high_banked_michigan.
  2. Copy all files from the Michigan folder and paste them in the new folder.
  3. Change the names of the files and michigan.dat to and high_banked_michigan.dat.
  4. Add the files from the zip to the new folder and overwrite any old files.
  5. Enjoy!

AI Notes

I haven't tested the AI very much but I know they are slow so I changed the ai_grip_modifier line in the track.ini file. I'm not sure if I went too far or not far enough so you may want to change these lines yourself to improve the AI:

Download it Here (49 KB)

Thanks To

Big thanks to WhiteFalcon aka Fred Anderson for making the utilities available to do this.

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