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Thunder Road SpeedBowl

Thunder Road SpeedBowl


Track (Version 1.5)



Track Info

Thunder Road SpeedBowl is a 0.25 mile short track in Barre, VT. More info about the track is available at the Thunder Road SpeedBowl Website.

About the Project

I hope that I have accurately recreated this track. This was a difficult project for me because it was the first track I did that I had never seen before. I did it by request for Rocknjr of the Sierra forum and he provided all of the information and pictures of the track. He also helped in testing the track. Scott Hessey created the default setup and also did some testing of the track. All trackside objects were taken from other tracks.


Unzip to your tracks directory.

Updates in Version 1.5

This version loads on servers with the older version and vice versa. Your pit crew and sign may not display when you have a different version from the server though. Make sure you have the same version as the server if you need to pit during the race.

Track Notes

The AI runs OK under green, even with a full field. There are some bugs in their pitting though. I've seen cars cut though the grass to enter/exit the pits. There are also big problems with AI cars stopping on the track when under caution so don't run them with cautions on.

The pace car may take a little too long to get off the track but since you can drive right through it in N2003 that isn't a big problem. Only 31 cars fit on pit road and so a race is limited to this amount.

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