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BrianZ's Bowling Simulation Resource

About the Site

This site is dedicated to bowling simulations. It is a place to share some of the graphics I created for these simulations. Unfortunately bowling games with good game play and realistic physics are few and far between. There are two simulations I've played that do a pretty good job though. Below I've written a brief description of each. Game specific headings are color coded throughout the site to make them easier to find. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to e-mail me.

Bowling Evolution

Bowling Evolution is a completely free bowling simulation being developed by two Finnish developers. It gets its name from the developer's intent to continually develop the game and listen to the community. The game is tied in with the Bowling Evolution Website which keeps track of your stats and posts the best scores of the day. The game features a unique first person delivery for throwing the ball where you aim with the mouse as your bowler approaches the foul line. Ball spin is set by the mouse before the approach. The only bad thing is ball speed is set by a meter but it's a slow meter so at least it's not a reflex test. Also the pin physics, while not bad, could use a little work to become more realistic.

Concrete Bowling/Global Bowling

Concrete Bowling and Global Bowling are bowling simulations made by Errezed using the 3impact game engine. Both feature very accurate pin physics and a mouse based throw. With Concrete Bowling's dynamic mode you have full control of ball speed, spin and aim with the mouse. This is done with an overhead view of the lane from the foul line to the arrows. You draw a line for aim/speed and set the spin with mouse movement immediately after. The throw is then displayed in the 3D environment. The one bad thing about this is aiming is difficult when you don't have the spot you want to throw to on the arrows memorized.

Along with a few other new features, Global Bowling fixes this aiming problem by allowing you to make your throw in the 3D environment. To get full mouse control like Concrete Bowling's dynamic mode, set the gauges to allow max speed and Y/Z axis revs before the throw. After the first two balls it remembers your settings. With this system you first aim, then approach the foul line, and finally throw the ball with the speed and spin you want. The spin control with this method isn't quite as good as Concrete Bowling because it is a little less intuitive and you don't have separate control over the Y and Z axis revs with the mouse.

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