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BrianZ's Bowling Simulation Resource

Background Textures

This page contains background and wall textures. The backgrounds originate from real bowling alley designs found on the web.

Bowling Evolution

4th of July Background


Bowling Evolution Backgrounds (9 Backgrounds)


Back up the original so you can go back later if you want.

  1. Open C:\Program Files\Bowling Evolution 1.07\media.
  2. Open up
  3. Open the System folder
  4. Replace fire.jpg with the texture of your choice.

Concrete Bowling/Global Bowling

Trees Background


Concrete/Global Bowling Backgrounds (9 Backgrounds and 1 Side Wall in 3 Styles)


Back up the originals so you can go back later if you want.

Concrete Bowling: Open C:\Program Files\ConcreteBowling301\ConcreteBowling_res\AlleysMap\00 and replace the sidewalls.jpg with a side wall and the bottom1.jpg with a background texture.
Global Bowling: Open C:\Program Files\GlobalBowling18\GlobalBowling_res\ and replace the Alley3Mp00.jpg with a texture. Global Bowling uses the same texture for side wall and background.

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