Getting Started

What to Track

You can enter any of the following information into the spreadsheet:

You do not need to track everything, however what you put in affects what stats you get out of it. If you only keep track of your scores, you only get a handicap and average scoring stats. If you just add tracking putts, in addition to putting stats you get stats such as GIR and scrambling. If you write down scores and putts on your scorecard, you may try entering the rest in from memory. If you don't think you can remember them, form a short hand system for writing them on the card as you go.

Turning on Macros

This sheet uses macros to make adding new rounds and courses easier. The macros copy and paste a blank round or course to the next opening with a single keyboard shortcut. To enable macros in Excel:

  1. Go to Tools > Macro > Security.
  2. Select Medium and click OK.
  3. Restart Excel for the setting to take effect.

Now when opening any file with macros you are prompted whether you want to enable them or not. If you do not wish to enable macros you need to copy and paste blank rounds manually.

Entering Data

To get started add a course to the courses sheet.

Course Entry

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+C. A blank entry for a course appears. (If you have macros off see the manual copy section)
  2. Enter a name for the course in the cell above the word Hole.
  3. Enter the course rating and slope to the right of each. The first two cells are for the front nine and back nine and that last cell is for the full 18. Overwrite the calculation of the front nine and back nine if you have ratings for the individual nines. The calculation estimates the 9 hole course rating and slope based on the 18 hole ratings and the difference in the length between the two nines. Only use them if individual nine hole ratings are not available. Course ratings and slopes are usually found on the score card. Also check the USGA Course Rating Database. They are different for each set of tees so use the rating for the set of tees you are playing from.
  4. Enter a name for the tee you played from. If you play from different tees on the same course, this displays on the scores sheet to identify which tee the round was played from. In this case create multiple course entries for the same course for each tee you play.
  5. Fill out the Handicap, Yardage, and Par information for each hole. Use the yardage for the set of tees you are playing from. Totals are automatically calculated.

Next add a new round.

Round Entry

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+R. A blank entry for a round appears. (If you have macros off see the manual copy section)
  2. Fill in the following fields across the top:
  3. Fill in some or all of the following rows for each hole played depending on what information you tracked in your round:

The rest of the rows are automatically calculated based on the information you provide.

For more information on each row see the scores sheet reference.

Viewing and Comparing Stats

Switch to the stats sheet to view your stats. Once there is more than one round in, you can change which round(s) you are viewing stats for by entering dates or round numbers. For more information see the stats sheet reference.

Another feature you can use with more than one round in is the compare sheet. This allows you to compare your stats in one set of rounds to another. For more information see the compare sheet reference.

You can also compare the stats sheet of one file to another. For more information see the compare files sheet reference.

The handicap sheet provides detailed information about your handicap and provides tools for projecting handicap based on future scores or tell you the scores required to reach a handicap goal. For more information see the handicap sheet reference.

Detailed match play results and stats between two compared files are available on the match play sheet. For more information see the match sheet reference.

That's a basic run through of everything you need to know to get started. For more information about anything that appears on a sheet see the documentation. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

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